October 23, 2009

Nick Griffin is just like his voters- confused, awkwardly unfocussed, and inarticulate. Tonight proved that.

Watch bits of his embarrassing appearance on the BBC’s Question Time here.

Obviously, tonight was simply a chance for anyone without a paranoid, racist, agenda to flex their liberal aphorisms. Because of this, tonight might prove to have been a poor PR decision on Nick Griffin’s part. Or, it might simply suggest to the alienated people that the BNP seem to appeal to that everyone else’s agenda is fuelling the problems they think that they’re solving- under the assumption that they’re not just bigots.

The level of debate was like that of children in a playground- squabbling and inconstant. Nick Griffin smirked and shivered his way through a liberal onslaught and ultimately proposed an agenda that resembles a diluted version of Fascism’s self-mythologising.

We could get worked up about it, and let the emotive content of the debate that Griffin inspires drag us into mudslinging. Alternately, we could do that first before moving on to a more systematic refutation of whatever non-racial politics they propose. This isn’t necessarily a time for pompous liberal sloganeering, or leftist calls to protest. It might, however, be the time that we cut out the most dysfunctional cankers from our politics. Other nations- just look at the right-wing parties in some of the new EU states- are plagued by such ideas. However, if the BNP are dealt with sensibly and rigorously, then we can be satisfied that we’ve actually dealt with the problems they embody rather than letting them inspire a flurrying preciousness.

Could Nick Griffin be the Steven Gately of far-right ranting?
Is he the posterboy of post-fascism?

He’s certainly photogenic enough.


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