Matter Matters

October 26, 2009

I now work for Fabric and Matter.

The former, until a few years ago, was ‘the best club in the world’ according to DJ Mag. That magazine has a reputation for unjustified hyperbole, so I can’t cite my source. Nonetheless, it’s a great venue. Student nights, however, are another matter- chocked full of giddy provincial kids happy to not be partying in a musty barn.

Matter seems to be attempting to reclaim heavyweight status for London from Berlin’s Tresor and Berghain/Panoramabar. According to Time Out, Berghain might be the best club in Europe.

Clubbing in Berlin sounds like a beguiling experience.

Matter has only been open for a year so, like Tresor, which has been open for 2 years, it has to be given time to have a regular set up. It’s constantly being improved and rooms changed, so it would be absurd to lavish it with too much praise. Regardless, Room 1’s ‘bodykinetic’ floor makes punters’ skeletons shudder and the sound system defies description. However, its location on the Greenwich Peninsula isn’t particularly good, but that can’t really be helped. After all, putting an influential and attractive club on the site of the Millenium Dome- the white elephant of white elephants- was not something that was on the cards half a decade ago.

On Saturday, Matter hosted Sven Vath’s label Cocoon for the third time. Sven didn’t play tonight, so an underwhelming, even monotonous, tribal-tech headline set was played by Dubfire from 3-7AM.

Timo Maas was satisfactory but, as an ex-constable of commerce, its difficult to either listen or dance to his racket without being reminded of the last gasp of ‘ladette’ culture.It was quite telling that the most impressive sets were played by the almost-avant Adultnapper and the clean-cut minimal techno of Matter resident Yousef.

What you do you make of Matter?
Do you make pattercakes patter?
Do you frequent Berghain’s darkrooms?

By having questions at the bottom of my blog, am I just ripping off Hipster Runoff?


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