Disaffected Cultural Relevance

November 1, 2009

I’m 21 today.

This, I assume, means I have 365 days left to fulfill the pressures inflicted upon people of youth by John Hughes films. Everyone in The Breakfast Club and Pretty In Pink was downtrodden in some way, but they knew where they were going. They had romantic and social ambitions. In today’s hypermodern morass, people are expected to have achieved all of their dreams- from being an Abba-inflected ‘Dancing Queen’ to a fawning romantic influenced primarily by ‘The O.C’ by the age of 17.

Abba have been getting naked on the back of a huge, and hugely efficient, welfare state since 1970.

Everyone in ‘The O.C’ is effortlessly attractive but utterly disaffected. It has the lingering scent of oppressed New York gay couples during the Reagan years, but they’ll totally complain that everything’s, like, so unfair.

I’m not a millionaire yet. I haven’t released a platinum selling hoedown-hop record like Miley Cyrus. I haven’t written a massively successful and hugely influential book like Bret Easton Ellis. Does this make me a failure?

Does the cosmos even care?

If only Michael were here.

However, I’m now too old for him.

He’s both using scare-quotes and scything what he sows.

Michael Jackson is the Freddie Krueger of light-entertainment.


One Response to “Disaffected Cultural Relevance”

  1. Sha Sha Says:

    tick… tock… tick… tock…

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