November 1, 2009

This is a picture of members of the English Defence League marching through an English town centre- a now regular occurrence. They are ostensibly a BNP splinter group that concentrates primarily on being overweight thugs rather than ‘being politicians’. Indeed, They look more like football hooligans than policy-makers.

The people in this picture have their arms aloft. We can easily assume that this, partnered by neo-fascist sloganeering posing as the denouncing of Islamic extremism, is the main feature of their ‘protests’. We can also assume that it’s meant to be a vitriolic expression of solidarity between ‘right thinking whites’. The funny thing about this sort of nationalism is that they seem to think that everyone who isn’t British finds self-identification as a ‘foreigner’. This is why their policy of ‘repatration’ is so incoherant. If a family has been here for two or three generations, and yet has a clear, distinct, cultural frame of reference, then where are they meant to go? It presents itself as modern and flexible- hence ‘”voluntary” repatriation’- but essentially comes off like the hydra-lovechild of Enoch Powell and Homi K. Bhabha.

Further, everyone in this photo looks exactly like people featured in those late ’90s ‘documentaries’ like Greece Uncovered. That entire show consisted of footage of young British holidaymakers ‘getting all animalistic’ and shouting a lot. Having cellulite-ridden casual sex isn’t ‘instinctual’ if it’s nigh-on sponsored by WKD or Shock Waves.

Is this actually just the fallout from lad/ette culture?

Vice TV (VBS) have recently made a video about the Welsh Defence League marching through Swansea. They’re the same as the English Defence League, but they have ‘cuter accents’.

Go watch.


2 Responses to “Thuggery”

  1. Ancora Says:

    Interesting. Again, I do wish you were Australian. Maybe I'm just rude for not being quite so interested in British political things. Oh well everyone's interested in themselves. It also works better when I know who the people are. Though I didn't really need to for that one. Anyway.

  2. Boy/Man. Says:

    Good morning fellow VICE ambassador.

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