Kids With Guns

November 2, 2009

(Photo courtesy of Ben DeCamp and/or Vice).

This is a photo taken at Vice Magazine’s recent 15th Birthday Party. At the time, this photo was of mild crowd disturbances during a set by jagged lightning punks Bad Brains.

This particular photo is really cool. It looks like a brattish late-teenage version of True Romance if the screenplay was written by Novalis. It also, conveniently, feeds into the appeal of there being a band called Guns ‘n’ Roses. Simply by virtue of their being named in a flurry of romantic juxtaposition, we can entirely forgive the fact that all their songs were written in an ink of cocaine and sweat on the back of pizza boxes. It’s a similar phenomenon to heroin chic- especially among fin de siècle laudanum addled Orientalists. Indeed, Lewis Caroll’s creeping paedophilia can probably be forgiven because, firstly, there’s a morbid glamour about early photography and, secondly, he was addled by a cocktail of devilish substances. I digress.

In conclusion, this photo conjours two separate story lines. On one hand, this photo recalls an imaginary Michael Mann-directed neo-Noir about a solitary downtrodden cop chasing unruly, murderous, butchers through a version of the meat packing district where meat continues to be packed. On the other hand, it recalls alcoholism, romance, and the violence of revenge. The moral of the story is that ‘the plaid-clad’ should never date girls who are out of their league. They’ll always end up being seduced by captains of industry with stern manners and bulges in their pockets while wearing spectacularly expensive dresses that reveal their unfettered backs.


One Response to “Kids With Guns”

  1. shellbell Says:

    i heart vice magazine.also… i'm deleting my redbraceletmergency blog. but i have a new one. its going to be much better.

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