The Vicious Vikings by Terry Deary

November 5, 2009

Times New Viking

I managed to miss the deadline for all the albums and singles I was reviewing for Artrocker issue 96. My apologies to all involved, especially one Cindy Suzuki who wrote up everything that I failed to. However, my review of Times New Viking’s gig at Cargo in late September did make it in. Therefore, I implore everyone to spend a measly ¬£3.50 from any good newsagents and turn to page 75.

My favourite line was, unfortunately, cut from the article:

‘Over the course of their four albums, Times New Viking have fashioned a hazy porridge of sound, like a serving of Nurofen and clotted cream guzzled from a retro blender.

I agree- that sentence is unadulterated, yet entirely accurate, wank. The problem with being post-ironic is that you’re never appreciated in your own lifetime. Poking around the wildly kitsch junk shops just off the Bethnal Green Road is a truly joyful experience. However, it doesn’t mean that that sensation can be translated into print. No matter how tempted, or enthralled, you are by the products of late-’50s and early-’60s consumerism and commodity fetishism, it may prove to be for the best to retain those desires as private obsessions.


One Response to “The Vicious Vikings by Terry Deary”

  1. shellbell Says:

    i can't comment on the talent of the band as i have never heard of them. but i'm sure your description is accurate. more importantly, it is VASTLY amusing and the editors of your mag are clearly jerks for cutting it.respect.

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