Didacticism: Love and the Environment

November 20, 2009

From Ferny Gully: The Last Rainforest (1992).

The song is ‘A Dream Worth Keeping’ by Sheena Easton.

This entire scene is like a burning effigy of prom dresses and strawberry flavoured lips. An important contribution to an already overflowing bucket of romantic cliches, it has interesting themes like base morality (“ignorance shrinks you”), sexuality (fairies showing ‘a bit of thigh’), and the idea that redemptive love discolours water.

I’d love to have an exact figure on how much rainforest has been destroyed since the making of this film.

QUESTION: Do oceanic snares occlude intimacy?

Answers on a postcard, please


4 Responses to “Didacticism: Love and the Environment”

  1. SkinnyBitch Says:

    Oh, 'twould be an indelible honor to be psychoanalyzed by you, Princey.how's that for flattery?By the by…(misused but I love it)My therapist (career coach, actually; my parents don't like the "career path" I'm headed in–the nonexistent one) tends to talk about himself a lot to me. I actually think I've become his therapist.

  2. laelivelove Says:

    haha I see videos!! yay!I actually wear heels quite often so I wouldn't mind getting a pair 🙂 depends how much they will go for!

  3. Kitty Moore Says:

    Found you through Fish – wanted to see why you get lots of angsty girls from Nebraska reading your blog…conclusion (in teen speak) – 'because you are deep and kinda cool'!

  4. shellbell Says:

    did you know that apparently the environmental cost of feeding your pet is just as high as feeding yourself (if you eat meat or non-locally, that is). some people have lots of pets. i only have one. because i'm doing my part for the environment!

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